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Stack placement help

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Hello i building a horizontal offset smoker. For the grill section im using a pipe thst is 36" long and 20"OD. One end of the pipe has a flat plate welded to it and the other end has a headcap on it. I was wondering what kind of difference it would make if i put the the stack with a 90° elbow on it into the center of the headcap instead of placing it at a highpoint like everyone else.
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I like my stack location. It is at the center point of the lower grate. This location keeps the temps very even and allows the smoke to cross over meat on the upper grate and the lower grate. IMO, if the stack is higher, it robs the lower grate of smoke

This has been the results of my smoker. Others may have a very different opinion.
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Awesome. I didn't think it'd be a huge difference. My thought was that the smoke would stay in the grill area longer if anything
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Why use a 90 degree elbow?   

Can't you mate the pipe straight into the head tube?

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