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sfprankster's (mis)adventures in the Set It & Forget It Zone-BBQ Guru DigiQ DX2

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It's finally here... :banana_smiley: :banana_smiley: :banana_smiley:


It's finally here... :banana_smiley: :banana_smiley: :banana_smiley:




My new toy.......errrrrrrr......I mean tool has been delivered... :xrocker:


I now get to enter the "set it and forget it zone" with my WSM... 


A BBQ Guru DigiQ DX2... 




Doesn't look like UPS had the chance to play soccer or basketball with the package too much... 51.gif


One minor crease in the bottom is all the visible damage to the package... :icon_mrgreen:





The Unboxing


Upon opening, a large wad of heavy paper is used to absorb the shock of UPS's normal handling of packages...


Once the wad of paper is removed, a slide over covered box, with multi colored graphics immediately catches your eye... :cool:








Opening this second box, reveals more shipping and handling protection...


Bubble wrap and multiple, separated areas for the individual components...





Eeny, meeny, miny, moe... :rotflmao:


Which piece to remove first... :confused:


Let's find out what's in the white box...


Power supply and connecting cord...


Nice, double keyed connection to make connecting the wrong polarity difficult...








Since I can vaguely read through the large bubble wrap... :icon_redface:


Lets get to the brain of the DigiQ... :cool:


Again, securely packaged in its own compartmentalized area...


Even comes with a mini recipe booklet... :wink:






Next up, the heart of the DigiQ, the 10 cfm Viper fan... 241.png


The Viper fan is securely packaged in its own sealed, bubble wrap envelope... 






On to the WSM adapter...


Seems under packaged in a small zippered plastic bag...


Includes a short piece of aluminum tape, a kill plug and the adapter... 






The probes and mounting plate...


One probe with an alligator clip for chamber temperatures...


The second for meat temperatures...






Last but not the least...


The included manual...


And a cute felt bag... :yahoo:






It's getting late and I wish I had the time to install this tonight... 


Tomorrow, after a couple of morning appointments, I'll have this up and running with a 7.75 lb pork butt as the initial test subject... :drool





Now what did I do with the instruction booklet... :icon_eek:




Wish me luck!!! :rotflmao:

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I've had on on my WSM for several years.


Your gonna love it especially for the over nighters.



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The overnighters is the main reason I bought one...


...done with my appointments...


...taking the rest of the day off...


...time to get busy and install the baby... :yahoo: 




A pork butt awaits... th_wsmsmile0ly.gif

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Felt like I was opening it myself! Good luck and let us all know how much you love it.
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So far, so good... :icon_mrgreen:


Almost screwed up and tried mounting it on the top vent...


Then I realized the instructions I was using, was for mounting on a kettle, and had the WSM directions on the back... :icon_redface:







My kind of installation requiring a minimal amount of tools... :rolleyes:


The adapter is a total of five parts, deflector plate, draft inducer, screw, a kill plug and a piece of aluminum tape(simple enough)... :wink:






Remove the screw to separate the draft inducer and the deflector plate...


Place the deflector plate(vent facing down) inside and screw through one of the lower vent holes into the draft inducer(the spider, inside the draft inducer) closest to the exterior of the WSM, and screw hand tight...








I went high tech and actually cleaned the area with alcohol, where the aluminum tape covers the second and third holes on the lower vent... 241.png


Cover the remaining two holes in the vent with the supplied aluminum tape...


The Viper fan is held in place using a snug, slip fit into the draft inducer...






Now comes the hard(fun???) part, bending the mounting bracket into a shape I can hang from a pair of screws or sitting on a tabletop... :confused: 


Going to need more than a phillips screwdriver... :frown:







To be continued SOON™ :icon_cool: 

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Decisions, decisions... :confused:


To bend at the first cutout... :icon_question:


...or the second... :icon_eek:





The connectors hang just far enough down where a bend at the first cutout might put pressure on the wires... :33:

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All the high tech tools of a fabricator lined up and ready to go... :welder:


Hammer, lineman pliers, a block of wood... :cool:





Ended up using my hands to make the bend over the edge of the block of wood at the second cutout... :icon_rolleyes: 


This bend location leaves plenty of room for the connectors to hang freely... :thumbsup:






We're almost there...


Getting sooooo close to playing with fire... :th_violent5:

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Loving the step by step, however, when is the best part of any new package coming....the suspense is killing me!
Pop the bubble wrap already!
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Originally Posted by Chad E View Post

Loving the step by step, however, when is the best part of any new package coming....the suspense is killing me!
Pop the bubble wrap already!


I promise you, the bubble wrap died late last night... :wife: 





Due to the length of time unboxing and assembling our new toy...errrrrrrr...I mean tool... :icon_neutral:


Our regular programming has been interrupted... :eek:


We now present you with a short thread for your viewing pleasure... :rotflmao:




sfprankster's (mis)adventures with Teriyaki Chicken Skewers






We will continue with our regular programming shortly... :icon_wink: 

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We now return to our regular programming... :icon_cool:




Got everything up and running...


Used some of the briquettes, from my grilled teriyaki chicken skewers, to get the fire in the WSM underway... 


All vents open to begin...




Made all the connections... :thumbsup:


Power: check


Fan Power: check


Pit temperature probe: check


Pit probe attached to the upper grate: check


Food temperature probe: check


Food probe in the pork butt: pending




Powered up the DigiQ and entered the initial setup menu... :confused:


Pit temperature: check-set to 230*


Food temperature: check-set to 200*


Alarm deviation: check-set to 30*


Ramp setting: check


Beeper intensity: check-set to 0


Open lid detect: check


F* or C*: check-set to F*




Shut the two other vents...


DigiQ is now controlling the pit temperature... 


The Viper fan does short bursts, then shuts down...


Temperatures ramped up to the 230* setting and has been stable for the last 30-40 minutes... :yahoo:





Little more time(waiting for the TBS) and my pork butt gets to be my first DigiQ overnight guinea pig... pig.gif 

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TBS has been achieved... :icon_mrgreen: 





Pork butt on in 3...








We have the beginnings of a sleep through the night, smoke-a-thon in progress(hopefully)... :rotflmao: 

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First trick I learned about the DigiQ tonight:


If you see the pit temperature running higher than set, close the damper to slow the natural air intake. This forces the fan to maintain the temperature. :rolleyes:


Already beginning to like this toy... :xrocker:

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Glad to see you finally have,so how many times are you going to go out and check it LOL



I'm in

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Only twice last night, after going to bed... :icon_rolleyes:


The first hour, I had the damper open to 50% and the temperatures climbed above my settings...


Closed it to around 25-33%, and it has been rock solid at 230*, all night and this morning... :yahoo:





I have it on a table facing inside, so I can see the readout through the sliding glass window... :rolleyes:


So technically, I don't have to go outside... :icon_mrgreen:


Woke up this morning, still chugging away at 230*, internal at 185*... 241.png


First truly "no peek" pork butt around here...




Gonna love this thing...


Already have more pork butt marinating in a char siu to smoke on Sunday...


And a 20 lb prime brisket in the freezer at work... jaw-dropping.gif


The problem with the brisket...


There is no way it will fit in my 18.5" WSM... 


It's gonna get whacked in half(roughly), and the smaller half is going into a pastrami brine for a few weeks... :drool 

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First time I used it when it wasn't windy I checked it every half hour then hourly.Only had it go over my set temp once by 5* F


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No wind last night, plenty warm, in the 60's most of the night...


It's almost done, internal temperature sitting in the mid 190's...


The whole mountainside smells sooooo good right now... :drool


Even the neighbors dog, who usually barks when he's left alone, is all quiet, not a peep...

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Closing in on 200* internal temperature(199* to be precise)... :yahoo:


Gonna peek for the first time, real soon... :rolleyes:


...and poke and prod with the ThermoPop to test for doneness... :439: 

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DigiQ has been running my WSM for over 16.5 hours, at a steady 230*... 2thumbs.gif


This morning, after reading through the user's manual, I found a section on the fan output that indicates the number of blinks on the readout coincides with the output percentage of the fan...


Been running at 1 blink, pause, 1 blink, all night and most of this morning...


Recently began showing 6 blinks, pause, 6 blinks...


Figured out, all by myself, the amount of fuel was becoming low...


Added 20-25 briquettes and the blinks are back down to 2, pause, 2...




Someone put some thought into this device... 




I know... :eek:


I'm supposed to read the user's manual before using the DigiQ for the first time... :confused:




But that's no fun... :beercheer: 

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First "no peek" pork butt from start to finish(16.5 hours), with the help of the DigiQ... 


Probed with the consistency of room temperature butter...






First pickings....errrrr....I mean chef's treats stuck to the grate... 






Foiled and toweled...






Into a cooler for a rest after the overnight workout...





So far, I have to give the BBQ Guru DigiQ a HUGE thumb's up... thumb.gif


The ease of installation, packed with workable features, the temperature stability, and...


...the initial guinea pig(pulled pork) test came out moist, juicy and tastes AMAZING!!! :drool



Plus, I got to sleep through most of the night... :banana_smiley: 

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You can find the rest of my No Peek Pulled Pork >>HERE<<



I'll return and add a review of the DigiQ after a few more uses... :biggrin: 

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