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Pulled pork anyone?

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Put a nice Boston Butt on the Pellet Pro last Saturday, started with a 7.5 pound butt, rubbed with some yellow mustard, then coated with some Famous Dave's Rib Rub.




After about 10 hours at 230 degrees, (almost) pork perfection was obtained.




Shredded and served!






This is the first one I didn't wrap to finish and it was very, very good.  Nice bark, the rib rub was a good call on my part.

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Looks great!  I have one on the smoker right now.  Hope it turns out as good as yours. ;)

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Looks great,I like that rub as well! See we can agree on somethings,Go Blue. Maybe U of M can give you a game this year!
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Also a fan of the no-wrap butts. Yours looks awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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I never wrap a PB. I want as much bark as I can get. Also with all that marbling going on inside and injecting. I've never had one dry out.
Really good looking PB.
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Did you inject anything into it?
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Thanks fellers.

No injections, but I did use some apple juice spray during the last 2 hours.

Had my sammmmich with a little Famous Daves Rich & Sassy BBQ sauce.

Oh yeah, Go Bucks! ✌ ☺
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Great looking PP!


The meal looks delicious!



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Looks great, nice job on the PP

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Looks like a winner... Try your next one in an aluminum pan to catch the juices . While your butt rests , pour the juice into a cantainer and pop it in the freezer for 30 mins so that the fat rises to the top , scrape it off. Put rest in microwave a few and mix it in with your pulled pork .. Yummo
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