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Butterflied Leg Of Lamb.

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Butterflied Leg Of Lamb

Had friends over from Ireland this weekend. So decide to do a butterflied leg of lamb.

Shock horror, was informed Sunday morning that one of our guest did not like Lamb, the cooking smell or anything to do with Lamb. Out came a Chicken Breast for her.

Removed the bone and Butterflied it.

Marinated with Rapeseed Oil, Garlic, Rosemary Lemon Zest and Lemon Juice.

Cooked in the Kamado @105'C for 4 1/2 hours until IT was 75'C.

On the right of the picture is Wild Boar Tenderloin as a side.

So what's the verdict, tasty moist Lamb, and shock horror, my guest tried some and went back for more!

Job Done.

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Looks great!
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Wow that looks awesome! I have never tried lamb might have to grab some and throw on the smoker sometime just to try it. I won't tell SWMBO and see what she thinks.
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