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Breaking in new smoker

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Put on a 7.5 lb Boston butt this morning on my new drum smoker I made using a kit from Big Poppa's. 892833ab12404b1cb5f420fffa2b2e49.jpg
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Nice looking rig!



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Show us some finished product when you can.

I'm finishing up a Big Poppa build, though somewhat modified and enhanced beyond the kit. I think those kits are great.
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I didn't even think about taking any pictures of the finished product until it was too late. I took it off the smoker about 7:15pm and then I wrapped it in foil and put it in a cooler to rest for about 45 minutes or so, then I pulled and chopped it some. I was real pleased how it turned out. It was one of the better ones I have done. It had a good bark on it and was moist and tender. The internal temperature was at 201 when I took it off. This is the best I can do on the pictures this time. rolleyes.gif8ed808a7097b3c0192fe78342d349edd.jpg

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