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First time!

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Hi everyone just got a new smoker, able to use propane or charcoal Going to cook some St Louis ribs tomorrow...this forum's been a big help...think I'm going to try charcoal first !
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Welcome aboard! St Louis ribs are my favorite. Be sure to throw up some pics of your process.
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Thanks! I've been reading about the 3 2 1 method....looks pretty foolpoof..fingers crossed..any advice?
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Good. Luck with your new smoker, first cook and welcome to this site. The only thing I would offer in addition to your reading is that I never wrap ribs. A lot of folks no longer wrap, but this is personal. At around 250*, you can probably cut an hour off your total time.

Good luck and good smokin', Joe
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321 does work well ribs will probably be fall off the bone. If you like them with a little more tug on the bone just cut the time in the foil down a little bit. Nice thing with smoking is if you don't like your results try something else next time. Keep an eye on your cooking temp and you should be just fine.
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Thank you , I will let you know how it goes ! !
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Welcome to the forum.


Good luck with the ribs!



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Originally Posted by Michelle04 View Post

Thanks! I've been reading about the 3 2 1 method....looks pretty foolpoof..fingers crossed..any advice?

3 2 1 should work fine for your first time.  



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Sorry to bother everyone on Memorial day...my ribs have been on for almost an hour. The temp on my smoker is steady at 195ish. Isn't that to low? I have a lot here and everyone mentions 225.
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The lower temperature will increase the time needed to finish. If you can, I would raise the temperature to at least 225.

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Yes I would try to get 225 for sure even 250 if you can that might help make up a little time.
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Thanks,dumb question how do I get it hotter, using charcoal? Add more?
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Post the smoker you are using....brand, model and I'm sure there are several members with experience with that particular model that will help.


Without knowing, here's a few options...


Are there any intake vents you can open a little more?


Exhaust vent fully open?


Enough fuel(briquets) to maintain the heat?

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I have a Masterbuilt 7 in 1 smoker, I am using charcoal and can't get above 195ish .....any ideas on how to get up to temp? It has one vent on top and it's open . ..
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Ribs are very forgiving so you should be fine once you get the smoker hotter. Yes 225 F (ish) is what you need. What smoker are you using?

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I have seen several reviews where they say that it is hard to get the Masterbuilt 7 in 1 up to temperature without also using the propane. It is thought that the design of the charcoal container does not let sufficient air get to the charcoal. I don't have one so I cannot give you much help here - sorry.

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OK thanks ☺
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Looks like these folks helped ya with what ya needed ! Just remember that if ya need help with anything else, there's always help here on the forum ! Good luck with your ribs & show some Q view if ya can !
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At this rate we might be ordering pizza!!
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I don't have any experience with a Masterbuilt 7 in 1 smoker.


I'm sure those that do, will chime in with help.

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