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What is this stuff

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My Treager has flamed out twice in 2 days, both times when I clean out the unburned pellets I find these chunks in the hot pot. I'm running it at 225 so shouldn't go out. Could this gunk have accumulated in the auger? Thanks for the help...
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Looks like clumped ground up pellets. Can you see anything obstructing the auger?

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No I didn't See any thing in fire box,I think your right thou, they musta been stuck in the auger and come out once in a while? I did a spring cleaning and vacuumed out the fire box a couple weeks ago so I know they are fresh. I think I'll take the auger out tomarrow and see what's in there, hopefully it won't be a hard project.. Thanks
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Looks like some of your pellets may have gotten wet, and started to expand in the auger.



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 That's happened to me a couple of times, to the point that it got so gummed up it sheared the small bolt that attaches the auger to the motor.  I make sure to leave it in a dry environment now...normally under the cover my son bought me.

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Between all smokes, clean out the pellet bin and clean out the auger...   Run the auger on manual until no pellets come out, or empty the pellet bin and let the smoker run until all the pellets have been fed from the auger...  An empty clean, dry pellet smoker is very happy and will give you years of service...

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