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Located this forum and glad to be here. My name is Micheal.
Ready to build my first big smoker. Have a 140 inch long 30.35" i.d. propane tank. The dimensions aren't counting the round end caps which are another 10" each. I've built a couple of small patio units but nothing this big. Thanks for reading, and I'll start a build thread with pics soon!
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Welcome to the forum!


Looking forward to following you with your build.



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Welcome from SC, Michael. It's really good to have you on this great site. That will be one more monster cooker. I can't wait to see some pics.

Good luck, Joe
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This is the tank. 1 cup of dawn, half gallon of bleach, and it will sit over night. Tomorrow I'll drain, check with combustible gas meter, and start cutting.
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This is my basic design, reverse flow trailer mounted.
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Are you really making a smoker ....or a submarine???
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Gonna cut tank at 92 inches, stand up the piece I cut off and saddle it back into tank. That'll give me a CC about 77" long, a round firebox and warming chamber about 6 ft tall x 31" diameter with 1/4 plate in between the fb and warmer. Numbers not exact but close. I'm building this to smoke for events and a little catering.
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Where are you at in the Dakotas? Ft. Pierre here. Grew up in SF
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About90 miles northwest of Sturgis..
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That's an awesome build.. You da man!!!
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Howdy from Texas, Michael!

Ready and waiting for pics on that build.

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