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Smoked porkchops question

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Wanting to smoke pork chops on the smoker today and I just have a few questions. Do you have to brine the porkchops overnight or can you just use a dry rub and/or marinade a couple hours before smoking. Also what type of wood would you recommend, I was thinking Apple? Thanks for the help guys!!
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I prefer to brine, but its certainly not necessary. I'd smoke indirect with the chops starting really cold and the smoker pretty low. I'd pull at 136ish then finish over a hot grill to pretty up the exterior and get some crust.
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I don't brine. I like to run the smoker around 180-200 for small cuts like pork chops, or steaks.

Fruit wood pair well with pork. Apple, peach, cherry, pecan all would be good choices.
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Haven't tried the brine, I just smoke till they hit around 150, don't overlook , they dry out fairly quick ..
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I brine pork chops.  Until I started brining them, I couldnn't get a finished product that I was happy with--just too dry.  Now they're always great.



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