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Offset Smoker Question

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Hey all. I recently upgraded from a cheap bullet smoker to a char grilled duo with the sfb. I have smoked with the new setup three times, all being butts. With the bullet smoker, I would only get a consistent temp for a few hours, so I would foil it and throw it in the oven to complete the cook. But every time the bone would fall out of the butt once it was done.

The three butts I have smoked on my new offset have not worked that way. I have smoked them between 225-250 degrees until they hit between 195-200 degrees. I pulled them off and let them set in a cooler for an hour or so wrapped in foil. The last one I did, I pulled off the smoker about an hour into the stall and foiled it for the rest of the cook. But all three have not fallen apart when I started pulling them. I have had to work to get them off the bones. They have great flavor and are relatively moist inside. I'm just curious why they don't seem to be falling apart as easily as they did with my bullet smoker. Any thoughts or tips would be awesome! Thanks so much!
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When I wrap at the stall, I put 1/2 cup of apple juice in the foil. The apple juice gives some flavor, helps with some moisture and the acidity helps with tenderness. Ai' sure that others will have some more tips.

Good luck. Joe
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