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Well let's start with, I'm married with 3 beautiful daughters three grandkids, 1 girl 2 bad boys, I own and operate a catering business Bar-B-Que of course, I make and sale Bar-B-Que Sauce, we have 6 different flavors, Mild, Mesquite, Cajun, Jalapeño, Jalapeño - Mesquite and Habanero, I've had a few smokers, extra small, small, medium, semi large and now large, a 16' pull behind with 2 chambers and a 4 rack box over the fire box, we live in a little small town right next to a large army base called Ft. RILEY KS, the Big Red 1, my wife and I are both from the south and LOVE to cook, I do most of the experimenting and she does the taste testing, so far after 30 years, it seems to work pretty good, I do a lot of experimenting with a lot and different woods and if anyone has any information about this please let me know, I'm trying to find where I can get all the fruit woods for smoking, apple, cherry, peach, lemon, pear est., to see which I like the most.
Thanks for allowing me to join.
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Welcome to the forum!


Sounds like you guys have got it goin'


Looking forward to seeing some of your smokes.



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