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Second shot at tri-tip

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Well I liked that it so much I had to do another one. If only I had bought more last weekend $2 difference per lb. I'm doing two breast 4legs and some salameats to keep it company
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So i am trying a new store bought rub not to bad but not great needs a little help or i didnt use enough
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Thought i would throw this in also she is running at 250 on peacan nice and clean
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Took this when i added the chicken and sausages
I pulled the tritip out at 123f then i put one of the sheets of foil on my firebox and did a reverse sear on it then finished wrapping it up to rest
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I think it came out perfect just wish i had stayed with what i knew was good as far as seasoning goes but it was still very good . Had some family over for it and really enjoyed it campared tenderness to primrib I guess he should know a little something being a manager at winery/restaurant and has to work with the chefs
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That's a great looking tri tip.


Nice work!



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Terrific Tri Tip, beaumiler!


I'd love some of that.


I have the same problem as you. I always want to try something new and you are doomed to it not being as good as your favourite some of the time. On the other hand, you might find a real gem!



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Thank you. You are absolutely correct about rolling the dice on something new. I have been playing with the idea of using truffle powder on a brisket as part of my rub
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Looks tasty!

Using the KISS (Keep It Simple Smoker) method often is best. Tri tip is one of the cuts that really shines when less is better. SPOG really is my favorite rub for Tri tip. Then a slow and low smoke (180-300 pit temp) using a 50/50 mix of cherry and pecan or cherry and Kiawe. Quick sear on each side done.
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The issue with most (Actually ALL) store bought rubs is that its too salty. MAking your own allows you to control that and not having it over power your meat.

I use Salt, pepper, garlic, cumin and Chili powder. The pepper garlic and chili powder is about 70-80% and then sea salt.

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Nice looking TT. I suggest trying out some Tatonka Dust on your next one. Check out Owens BBQ for the dust,I'd put a link in but I'm not smart enough.biggrin.gif
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