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The Incinerator

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I know it is nothing special, maybe even humdrum. It however IS a smoker... well, kind of. It started out it's humble life as a smoker manufactured by a company in Georgia. The bigwigs, once cranking it up for the first time siad, "Wow! How underwhelming!" Now it was in no way the fault of the manufacturer as they build a great product of the highest quality. It was ultimately the expectations of what it was intended to be used for that were far from met. Whatcha gonna do, right? Um, Right. Mod time! With about 20 seperate R&D sessions and copious quantities of meat products (which were for the most part pretty darned yummy BTW) the finalized (but not perfected in myMHO) version was rolled out. It now incinerates meat meat by the crate load (if left unattended) and is probably a safety hazard (no not really) and it looks SOOOOO cool when the lid is closed and it is rolling coal out of those dual 6" stacks!!!!


It is actually a southern slow cook rig SuperModded to surface grill burgers and other such items with a scorching 750 degrees of radiant heat coming off of 2 row deflectors. Also has a steamer and 2 burner grill on board. It was purchased as a promotional deal so that we could go around and offer customers its use or we could host parties and stuff with it as well. It gets used quite a bit during the summer... sadly not nearly enough for us who stare at it in our parking lot:-) Just figured I would share!

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Looks good try and get a pic with those stacks smokin'.

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Saaaaawweeeeet!More pics?
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Way cool!!!



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