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mechanically tenderized meat? 140* in 4 hrs?

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Does the 140* in 4 hour rule apply to mechanically tenderized meat? 


1. Store, or processing plant, mechanically tenderized meats?


2. Home mechanically tenderized meats using a Jaccard?


3. Is any meat mechanically tenderized safe for smoking longer before reaching 140* in under 4 hours?


Lets say I rinse my meat, submerge my Jaccard tool in distilled vinegar a few minutes before using, 

I know it's probably a goofy question, but was curious.  Thought if I could slow smoke some meat a little longer than 4 hours before finishing in recipe at higher temp,


How would you handle it for a long smoke for flavor, before cooking to final temp.


Thanks in advance, for your replies.

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As far as I know, you need to get it above 140 in 4 hours if it has been pierced in any way.



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