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Lurker converted to member

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New to membership in this forum, veteran when it comes to grilling/smoking.


I have a Weber gas grill for frozen burger patties and keeping things warm

I have an old Brinkman wood/charcoal (boilerplate - heavy son of a gun) smoker/grill - serial #1126


I have a 40-inch Masterbuilt electric smoker - all on my deck


I am currently smoking a 10.5 pound whole brisket - just hit 143F :-) - using mesquite for smoke


I am an engineer so I like to graph temp/cook times so I can get a better handle on when something will be done if smoking for guest who want to eat at a certain time.  I am doing this right now for the brisket.  I have graphs for several turkey's and a ham.  I will share if appropriate and I figure out my way around the forum.  


BTW - St. Louis style ribs need no graph as they are cooked at 225F as follows:  180 minutes on smoker, 90 minutes wrapped in foil and back on smoker, and 30 minutes unwrapped back on smoker (no smoke) to set the time 5 hours.



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Welcome to SMF!


Glad to have you with us Eddie.



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Welcome from SC, Eddie. It's good to have you here.
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