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Emu Swags

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Hi guys
I live in Sydney Australia.
I have 6 Weber Kettles and a Traeger Pellet Smoker.
I love using all of them. I make my own Rubs - called
Emu's Rub. I love camping & we mostly do cook using the Camp Oven.
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Glad to have you join the group, Emu!


Sounds like you have quite an arsenal of cookers.


Welcome to SMF!



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Welcome. I spent several months consulting for an Emu farm years ago. I was given a couple hundred pounds of Emu to play with and for recipe development. The Fan Filet is my fav cut but it is all great. My family loves Emu but it never took off in the states other than an exotic and is extremely expensive when you can find it locally...JJ

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Hey, Great to have you.  A big welcome from East Texas



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