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complete newbie

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Bought hubby and I an Electric Hallow Vertical Smoker for mother's day and fathers day to each other.


it sure is a learning experience.. I made bacon wrapped chicken and it tasted GREAT....i tired wings and they tasted ok. not my best attempt.  he did a brisket for mother's day but it turned out tough, but still tasted GOOD....


Ive got a London Broil marinating to make beef jerky with it tomorrow...


ive found that my apple chips are better at lighting than the mesquite..


Hope to learn more..


When I was a child the fire dept, sold smoked chickens as a fundraiser and I'm really looking to figure out how they did it and fix that more and more.... it had suck an AWESOME flavor hot or cold....



We live in Pensacola Florida (or lower Alabama as some would say).



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Congrats on your first smoker. I am a smokeaholic if there is such a thing. I've been smoking Q for a long time and have got better and better over the years. The good thing you will find out is that there is always more to learn. Other people with tips and tricks are a great way to pick things up. Pretty much everything I've learned has been online from forums like this and watching YouTube videos. Then I just experiment and make tweaks of my own to my liking.

As far as the brisket goes, not sure why it turned out tough unless you cooked it too much. One thing I would suggest is to get a good external thermometer like a Maverick. Then check your temperature of the grill at the rack you are cooking on and compare it to the temp on your smoker. They are quite a bit off alot of the time. Then either use your Maverick or get a thermapen(my favorite and has brought my Q to a whole nutha level) so you can keep a precision temp of the internal temp(IT) of whatever you are smoking.

Good luck and happy smoking.
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Welcome to the forum


Glad to have you aboard


Congrats on the new smoker



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Welcome from SC. It's good to have you here.
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