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Pizza in the Rec Tec QView

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Turned leftover smoked chicken into a very good for a first try BBQ Chicken Pizza! yahoo.gif

Set the pizzacraft stone on the 680 and set it to FULL, which is setting the temp to 550 then pressing the up arrow once more.

It got up to 554, no noticeable smoke.

I made my homemade dough, assembled the ingredients: hot sweet sauce, thinly sliced red onions that I soaked in ice water to take the sting out, smoked chicken tossed in a bit of sauce to keep it moist, mozzarella, and minced cilantro.

I pre- baked for 5 minutes then topped. Baked for 17 minutes, will go 20 next time.

The crust was well baked, crisp on the edges with a good chew. No smoke flavor. I may pre bake on a lower temp then whack it up to get a touch more of a woodfired taste next time. It's going to be fun practicing.
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Good looking pizza, it is fun experimenting isn't it?

Nice smoker too.



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Looks delish! Nice job!



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That sure is a good looking pizza!


Great job!



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That looks great!  I think I need to break out my pizza stone and try one on my grill.  I think mine only goes to about 500, but I think that should be warm enough.

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Looks Great!


What size stone are you using?


I just ordered a rec tec 680 and was thinking of getting the 15 sqaure inch pizzastone

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Bunny Q,

That looks marvelous. You know if you want more smoke you could get the amazen tube in 12in. I believe they are a sponsor for the forum you should check that out to cook at high temp and still get some smoke. I have the Rec tec aswell and picked the tube up for that reason.
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