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Curing question

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I have been reading alot on here and everyone talks about the cure#1 ive looked around at my local stores and havnt seen any curing salt or anything. Ive found the canning salt and jerky cure. Will either of those work for making salmon or bacon? Or is there somewhere online everyone gets the cure #1? Thanks
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I get mine from the Sausagemaker.


Here's a link.



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Thanks for the link! Do you know if i could use the jerky cure or not?
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I get mine from Walton's most of the time.  5 lbs for about $11.




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I buy cure #1 from Butcher & Packer. A 1 lb. bag runs $3.50.


Here's their link >

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I buy mine on Amazon, but only because we have Amazon prime and get free shipping.

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