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Hello from Kansas

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Hello from Wichita Kansas


I consider myself a good cook and and frequent griller. I also hunt and cook a lot of wild game. I have my Weber Genesis S-330,  Weber kettle grill and a newly purchased Weber 18in Smokey Mountain Cooker





Although I have been around many social gatherings that revolved around smoking meat, this is MY first smoker. I also have a Thermoworks ThermaQ on order which will be here in a few days.


At first I had my heart set on a Yoder Wichita, and I still do. However I work a lot of hours and the reason Im 42 and just now buying my first smoker, is little free time. I intend on using this for a bit, then next spring if I smoked as much as I hope I will, Ill revisit the Yoder. 



When it comes to my personal grilling a cooking style, I do season my foods, but am a minimalist. I like rubs and caramelized BBQ sauce on my ribs, but you will not find my cooking seasoned to the point that the quality of cut no longer makes a difference. 



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This weekend Im going to season my new smoker and next weekend smoke some ribs using the 3-2-1 method. Nothing huge and spectacular but will be first solo smoking experience .. .and hey .. I like ribs.




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Hey Travis!  Welcome to the site.  I like your choice in cooking equipment!



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Welcome to the forum, Travis.


You just can't beat a Weber, IMHO.



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