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Offset smoker??

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Hello all I'm in the market for buying a new offset smoker..I used to have a MES PRO DIGITAL. But want to do the real thing now. I'm looking to spend about $200 or so and want to use it for grilling as well. All opinions are appreciated thanks!
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CharGriller with side fire box is an option. Just google "chargriller", lots of people on this site use them, myself included. It will fit your budget.

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I'm running a Masterbuilt offset that I scored from a Sears hardware store, see my sig.


I love it.  It can be a smoker, or a grill.

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The OK Joe seems to be very popular also.


Walmart sells them.



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I have the Oklahoma Joe triple burner which is an offset smoker with firebox on one side and a propane gas grill on the other. A little more than $200 but it's been a great smoker to learn on and the propane grill is very convenient when wanting to fire up some burgers or something for dinner on a weekday. Good luck and glad you are getting a stick burner!
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