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Smoking in Cleveland

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Hey guys!  I've been a lurker on this site for over a year soaking up information.  I have LOVED BBQ all my life, and finally got my first smoker at the end of last summer.  Its a Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24.  I got the hang of using it last year and it has produced some awesome Q so far.  I haven't pulled it out yet this year...mostly because the weather in Cleveland has SUCKED lately.  I've been doing a few modifications to the vault and should be ready to fire it up in the next week or so.  Mods include adding a rubber grommet for probes and a needle valve setup.  Can't wait to get some food off of this sucker this year.  Last year I tried to cook as much as I could.  I did several successful whole chickens, a full packer brisket, 2 pulled porks and a bunch of racks of St. Louis cut ribs.  Thanks to this site and amazingribs, I look almost like a seasoned pro pitmaster to my friends / family.  Looking forward to LOTS of smoking this year!

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Welcome from SC. It's good to have you on this great site. It sounds like you're off to a really good start. Be sure to post some pics of your cooks.

Good luck and keep on smokin', Joe
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The weather sucks?

That ain't no excuse, c'mon let's git smokin'.

Nah, hello and welcome to you.

Glad you found this great site.




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Welcome to the forum


Glad to have you with us


The SV 24 is a great smoker, I have one & it is my go to smoker



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