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New to the forum

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Hey everyone,

I have been using these forums for a few years now and have never signed up.. So here I am. Have really learned some valuable information and would love to return the favors to anyone who was in my shoes as a beginner. Down here in south Louisiana we smoke anything and everything. Besides the smoker I am also pretty darn profecient with a coon ass microwave which I believe many members here would love to work with.
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Welcome to SMF.


Glad you finally decided to join us.



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Please, pray tell........what is a coon ass microwave??th_dunno-1[1].gif

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Glad to be here. Well my friend a coon ass microwave is close to the traditional Cajun way of cooking a whole pig. Back in the day they would dig a hole, drop the pig in and cover with palm leaves then put the fire on top of that. It'll cook a pig until the meat is pull apart soft, the fat is perfectly melted, but the skin will be just as crisp and perfect as if it was fried. So.. The microwave is a cedar or cypress box with a steel top. Put any meat in the box and put coals to the steal and it'll cook anything to perfection. My favorite is to take say a butt and smoke it until it's at 180 then pull it and put it in the coonass microwave and finish it. The microwave if handled right will sit right at 300.
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Welcome from SC. It's good to have you on this great site. Please say hello to my two good friends, Beaudreaux and Rammaulet.
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Thanks Joe! Haha will do
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Is the "Court of Two Sisters" still open? I always thought that was a great place to eat.
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Welcome!  So happy you made yourself "official" . I'll look forward to your posts! 


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