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Looking for any information on building my first smoker!

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The information on here from everyone is unbelievablely helpful! So I figured I would ask for help on my first attempt at a smoker. Anyone can tell me exactly how they would do it, or just give me a few pointers, all help is appreciated!
What I have is a Cres Cor proof/hot cabinet. I definitely intend on insulating it just don't know the best type to use? To insulate it on the inside and cover it with new metal or insulate the outside? The burner does not work but the fan does. What is the best style of burner to go with? Would the fan be helpful to circulate heat? Like I said this is my first attempt, just trying to get the best knowledge before I dive into it
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Welcome to SMF!


Glad to have you with us.


I see that this is your first post, so at your leisure would you swing by Roll call & introduce your self.


Then we can all give you a proper welcome.


I can't help you with your build question, but I'm sure one of the builders will be along shortly to do so.



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Is the door glass or plastic? The smoke will blacken it regardless and if plastic you will have to keep temps low. Plastic can withstand some heat but limited to the 200- 250 range. Likely the highest rated temp of the unit would be the safe area for it. You could easily change that to metal. I would change to a double door set up like mine is. Aluminum cabinets do not perform really well unless insulated. The heat dissipation factor is high as well as expansion aspects of it. Not saying you can not get it to work just saying they perform different compared to steel cabinets.
The main thing is dump the electric unit out of the base and go from there. With it being single door you will have wicked heat lose if you open door for any reason. With mine you can open bottom door and add wood chips to the heatshield for more smoke factor. It does not have a temp drop from that.
You have a good platform to which you can create something from.
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That unit is designed for heat already....   What is the maximum heat setting....  what does the therm go to....  


I would check under the unit to see if the connections are corroded....  the heat element should be good....    water from mopping could have corroded electrical connections and if you clean and replace them, you just might be good to go.... 

There should be no reason to change out insulation or anything else on that unit..... You can probably use it as is......   

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It's a non insulated unit. Likely for rising breads. The temp was never high. You could add a cold smoke generator for smoking cheese. Or fix heat element and cold smoke generator to smoke fish perhaps. But it will not go past 210 degrees on the highest setting. If it can go that high.
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I smoke everything below 210 deg. F and finish in the oven if it needs a higher temp....  Pork butts, brisket.... all cooked at 200-205...      Chicken does need a higher finish temp.  usually in the gas grill....

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Do u know what type of metal is on the inside?regardless this unit is a great starting place in my mind:)U have the cabinet.Now just need some minor modifications.
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This unit is aluminum, I am thinking of just insulating the inside then covering that up with stainless steel
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The door is plastic, with that I was planning on replacing the plastic with high temp glass. But I do like the idea of a double door for less heat loss
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With mine I can cook any temp. I have raised the temp to 400 once for pizza but I don't usually run anything but in the 200's depends on the meat. Chicken is nice to smoke at 250 then run temp up to 325 for last half hour to crisp up skin. No need to fire up my oven to heat up my house. With pellet cooker it goes from 250 to 325 in about 5 min time. Stainless inside will run you some money but will be a nice product when done. I used my drip pan to redirect heat to one side then it drafts back across the meat to exit out the stack. Works well doing it like that. It also allows heat off the othe sides too due to convened shape.
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Originally Posted by Landon N View Post

This unit is aluminum, I am thinking of just insulating the inside then covering that up with stainless steel

The walls look as if they are about 1" thick....  It has to be insulated....

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Originally Posted by DaveOmak View Post

The walls look as if they are about 1" thick....  It has to be insulated....
It is not insulated, what you can see in the picture is about a one inch thick "c" channel that borders the front of the unit
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OHHHHHHHH  !!! I see it now....   That would be easy to insulate...  and then sheet over......   


Between my old eyes, old body and old brain.....  I sure can screw stuff up.....  and amazingly enough, the older I get, the easier it is to screw stuff up....    Just ask Bride...

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Have you gotten anywhere on your build. I have the exact same warmer I was going to try and convert
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It is a work in progress right now. So far I have taken the heat element and plexi glass out. For the new heat element I bought a pellet hopper from smoke daddy inc. For the new glass I am putting in tempered glass. I bought 1 inch insulation for the entire inside and in the process of getting the inside lined with stainless steel. Haven't put any of it together yet, but as I do I will post some pictures.
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We have close to the same cabinet i am going wuth an auber pid and element with mine. Building controls now. Lots of pics in my post. Good luck with the build. My cabinet was already converted to a smoker but i wanted to cover the inside with stainless and make a few changes from the previous owner who built it. One change on mine is going away from the clear door. The smoke turned it dark and you couldnt hardly see through it. Ill be following along on yours.
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