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Grill Thermometer Question

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Hi all.  My question has to do with the grill thermometer.  Currently I have an 18" Weber.  I know I know it's small but it is what I have.  I am close to doing my first smoke on it.  The last piece of equipment I need is a thermometer.  So the grill does not have on built onto the lid.  Nor do I have a digital one yet.  My issue is money right now.  As much as I would love to get something like the Maverick 732 I simply cannot at this time.  So as I was wandering around Wally World I noticed in the grill section that they have small stem thermometers that can be installed on the lid for relatively cheap.  For the grill temp is this a good way to go?  Simply drill a hole and install?  If so then I can get a meat thermometer at Target for like $20.  I also do have a long stem thermometer I use for homebrewing and it definitely would cover the temperatures quite easily but the stem i quite long. 


What do you folks suggest overall?

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The therms at WW will work just fine, same with Target.


Just test them both in boiling water & make sure they read close to 212. 



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Those are not dual probes are they?

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