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New reverse flow

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After 1000 mile round trip to pick her up, got her home and fired up to season it. Thank you Black Warrior Smokers for such a high quality product!!



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Nice looking rig, congrats. I bet it looks even better with some blue smoke coming out of it.

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Nice rig!


Can't wait to see it in action!



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That's puuurrrtttyy! Congrats!

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nice rig. im looking at them too and jut curious how you like it

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Nice looking smoker!! Enjoy!
Do you have figured out yet,what your first smoke is going to be?
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It. Cooks amazing. The only think I would change is the thickness of the diverter plate. There is a hot spot near the firebox. For long cooks it's a problem. But there's so much room so you don't have to put stuff there. I catered a wedding for 150 last summer no problem at all.
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