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Just got a used Coleman Charcoal Smoker...now what?

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Hey everybody,


I have been looking around site for a few months, trying to get an idea of what kind of smoker I wanted to buy. While cleaning out a rental property, a family member found and gave this smoker to me. They said I could get rid of it if it was not functional.


A charcoal smoker was not the type of smoker that I was going to buy, but for free (I assume that I will have to get a few parts) I figured that it was worth a shot.


As you can see from the picture below, its pretty old and used. I tried searching "Coleman Charcoal Smoker Grill" and did not see many results or pictures this this one. What I do know...


- Coleman Charcoal Smoker Grill, 14 inch


Are there other smokers like this that are more current that I can search to get information on how I should use this? I just started browsing charcoal smokers. So anything I ask about is just from these quick searches. Sorry, if I am way off.


- Are there any parts that I am missing? I do not see a water pan, can I buy those online?


- Not sure what the silver bowl or cast iron pan is for.


- There is only that one vent on the bottom. Is that enough?


- Would I just place the charcoal on that bottom grate? Or do I need a ring or bowl?


- That thermometer looks pretty vague...low, ideal, high. Should I get a new one?


- Would I need to clean the inside at all?


- Is this smoker going to be worth my time, or should I forget it?


Thanks for all your time and patience. Any advice you have about this smoker or where I should start reading up would be great.


Take care, Scott







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First off I've never seen one of these, so I can't be 100% on any of this.  I'm pretty sure the grate with the double bars is for charcoal.  The silver bowl might be for water.  I'm not sure about that grate with 6 bars on it, perhaps the water bowl sits on it above the charcoal?  Does that cast iron pan have holes in it, I couldn't tell from the picture.  If it does then it could be for wood chips.  As far as the vents go the best way to find out is get some charcoal and try firing it up.  Good luck with your project, its worth investing some time in anyway.

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Thanks for the reply Jasper7.


Its all guess, I appreciate your time....nothing when I "google" it. So I guess using a WSM style to base things on. I know its the one I have.


The cast iron does have 8 holes in it. Would I put the coals and wood in the pan? Or just load up the charcoal on the bottom grate?


How big (diameter-wise) does the water pan have to be? Looks like new WSM styles like this the water pan is almost as wide as the smoker. Does it matter if that silver pan is just 8 inches across? The smoker is 14. Is there supposed to be a small amount of space between pan and smoker? Of is any pan of water (no matter the diameter) going to even out the heat?


I can't wait to fire it up, I need a few supplies first.


Since I got it used and not sure who it was from, should I power wash it?


Thanks again for your time

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hope this helps any. i would clean the thing out cant hurt! the dampener on top and bottom help control the cooking temp inside the smoker.

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Thanks KiwiDemon for the captions! Looks like I have everything here. Gonna be eating BBQ soon!


Is that cast iron pan and holes good enough to get a good temp? Are the holes big enough to get air to the heat/ash out of the way? I guess...there is no ring for the charcoal.


Is that water pan big enough? Or will i have to refill?


This community rocks! You are the best!

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Hi sgtpeppr56


    Just saw this, I have been looking for some of the Coleman smoker/grills first real pics I have seen, anyway I did come across this in my web search's and figured you would like it, Coleman made 6 different model's 3 of which were charcoal and 3 were propane.


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