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Hello All

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My name is Ryan I'm located in Buffalo, NY and have a new MES 30... so far I have seen a lot of great info on here!  I'm pretty flexible about what I like to smoke, like to try new things... maybe Bear's pork loin jerky?

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:welcome1: to SMF!


Glad to have you with us!


Plenty of MES owners on here to help you with that new smoker.



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Hi Ryan, welcome to this site.

I'm just a ways North of Syracuse so you can toss them

Canadien bacon slices this way like frisbes and I'll catch 'em.

Enjoy and most of all have FUN.



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Hello all my name is will I live in bakersfield ca! I have a true passion for smoking all types of meat and other food products. There isn't many people in this area that enjoy smoking meat as much as I do so it's nice to see so many people that enjoy it. I use a 15 year old Brinkman offset wood and charcoal smoker my favorite logs of wood to use is almond,oak,and cherry this is something I love doing so if anyone has any questions or comments or recommendations please send them to me!
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Thanks Al and Ed, and hello Will!


Ed I grew up south of Syracuse actually, and am working on getting my dad into smoking who is outside of Binghamton.  Thanks for the welcomes!

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