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Temperature controller

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Good day,i am beginning to round up supplies to build a new smoker,i was searching around on the site for info on temperature controllers,also on amazon.Can anyone recommend a decent one that wont break the bank,but is capable of switching a 240v/1500w element?any info on this is greatly appreciated:)cheers
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Auber WS 1500, it's what I'm using, they also have all the goodies there

so that you can set one up much cheaper.

In your search engine type in Auber WS and their site will pop right up.



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My son and I built a temp controller using a JLD 612.  All we're controlling is a dual element hot plate but it works fine.  I don't recall how

much $ we've got in it.


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Great thanks folks for the info,i was starting to wonder if anyone would reply.Appreciated
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