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How Many Smokers

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How many smokers do you have and WHY ??


 I recently bought another ECB because the pans on mine are rusted out badly. I am Modding the original and realized I have almost exactly all the parts left over to build up one as a propane unit ( just need the burner ) 

 Due to a recent thread, I hopped on the MES train for a great price.

 The MES can do so much and I can justify a propane unit in case I need to power thru a winter smoke. I wonder why I am proceeding with the charcoal ECB, except I can't bare to see it unfinished, I've had it nearly 30 years, so I guess there is some sentimental attachment.

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One,because I'm to lazy to make one out of a wine barrel I have. I have thought about electric but need to fix that in the garage first.
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One...It's hard enough trying to decide what to smoke.  I don't need more indecision on which smoker to use.  :33:



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One smoker...18.5 WSM


One kettle...18.5 Weber Kettle


With enough convincing and reasoning to the gf...soon to be one cold smoker in the works... :icon_eek: 

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Officer....I can't control myself.  I confess in having 4 smokers.


2  Big Chief smokers modified with an adjustable 1200 watt element and controlled by Auber PIDs. Both dedicated to support our Salmon fishing.


1  Masterbuilt gasser to smoke the other meats (poultry, beef, pork)


1  Masterbuilt MES40 Gen 1 - Not really sure why.  It was a deal I could not resist.  Have had fun modifying it with a PID  Was going to retire the Big Chief's and use this for my fish but I really miss using the Chiefs.  Not sure about the MES's future, but no problem for now, for I have room for everyone.

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5 bbqs in all.

1 GMG DB, self explanatory really, it is awesome! So quick and simple to use.

1 UDS, built while I got the hang of smoking and to test it all out.

1 Weber OTP, or Gold in US? Just nice to have a ketttle for grilling and I do small smokes on it.

1 Gas grill. Only used for grilling really.

1 57cm/ 22" kettle again while I was learning. Just s cheapo before splashing the cash on the Weber.

I have 3 oil drums in the shed too. Was going to make a horizontal grill for jerk chicken.

Really need to get rid of some bits I think? Lol.
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3 smokers= (1) MES 40" 800 watts (2) horizontal stick smoker (3) brinkmann gourmet vert. charcoal smoker. The MES gets used alot.
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5 smokers, 2 grills


WSM 14.5

WSM 18.5

WSM 22.5

Smoke Vault 24

MES 40

Weber Kettle

Weber Genesis


I use them all.



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GEM Electric Smoker
Borniak Electric Smoker
Homemade Electric Smoker
Small Kamado
Large Kamado
Mini WSM
Three Charcoal Smokers made from Gas cylinders, two horizontal one vertical.

Do you think I have a problem?

Have time during the winter so spend time in the workshop, thinking of ideas. Got plans on UDS!
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3 smokers and 1 gas grill



Okla. Joe's Highland Offset.  ( Brisket,ribs,Central Texas style BBQ stuff )


MES 30                                     (Use mostly for cold smoking and sausage)

Landmann Big Block Propane  ( Chicken and all of the above for large quantities)


Gas grill (I'm too lazy to go out a see what brand it is. But it is made from cheap China stainless steel , has 5  knobs and a side burner.  I only cook steaks and hamburgers  on it)

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MES30 in good ahape

MES 30 which had problems. am using it for Cold smoke and or spare parts

Gas Grill

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I have 2 smokers 1 grill i have owned about 5 smokers but i have given away 2 of them and i bought an ECB and gave it away as a christmas present to my brother in law.


My lineup is below....


Happy Smoking,

phatbac (Aaron)

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2 trailer mounted smokers. Both are custom fab jobs. My first one came from a fabricator that I hooked up with on the Smoke Ring forum. Very nice build and excellent smoker that will last for generations.


The second one I just got about a week ago. Fabricated by Arizona BBQ Outfitters in Tuscon. A 24X48 Santa Maria grill mounted on the front and a 7 rack vertical smoker mounted on the back. Very nice quality build and will last for generations. The Santa Maria I have cooked twice on now and am leaning the nuances but it's fun as heck to cook on and very versatile.

Have only built one fire in the vertical so far just to burn the machine oils off. Seasoning that will be next. Soon as we get a decent day I will get some pics posted.

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The main thing I smoke on is not really a smoker. It is an old gas grill that was given to me. Never used the gas just use a pan for charcoal and smoke\cook with indirect heat. Also have a Little Chief that was given to me but have only used it a couple of times to smoke some sunflower seeds.
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Brinkman gourmet
Uds I made
Now I'm thinking offset but I don't have access to very good wood!!! Might get a fancy vertical cabinet smoker !!
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I own 3:
- 1 Weber Kettle
- 1 portable propane camping grill
- 1 Oklahoma Joe longhorn triple burner (gas grill/smoker combo)

Going to try soon to convince the wife I need a WSM too 😉
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2 Big Chiefs, one modified with an external heating coil

1 Masterbuilt 30 digital (currently at a friends, so he can try his hand at smoking)

1 Masterbuilt 30 digital with stand and window (got this one for free from masterbuilt)

1 offset char broil charcoal grill

1 AMAZE-N pellet smoker


I mostly use my masterbuilt smokers these days, controlling the temp is great, my charcoal grill gets used a lot now that its getting warm here

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3 smokers


Backwoods Smoker Patio (circa - 2001) - bought a new house and had to leave behind the old grill which was falling apart and wanted to get into smoking.


18.5 WSM (circa - 2003) - needed something bigger than the Patio


47" DynaGlow Vertical Offset (circa - 2015) - wanted a cheap offset to play around with. It had a good size FC and looked like a decent built unit, was cheap, could use both charcoal and wood and had good reviews.


All of them still doing their thang...


Building a WSN Mini as we speak.

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  1ea Horizon RD Special horizontal offset smoker


  4ea Big Green Egg ceramic cookers


  1ea Weber Genesis gas grill


  1ea Yoder Ys640 pellet cooker

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1 brinkman 36 inch horizontal coal grinder which i use for direct fire grilling and indirect cooks such as pizza and ribs.


1 BBQ-Grillware 44 inch horizontal gasser smoker which is my true go to for day to day smokes


1 60 inch vertical gasser I built for smoking chicken parts


1 char broil 505 sparker heavily modified


1 mini webber coal grinder which is my camper


I am in planning stage of a wood fired oven for my pizza and bread


My porch is a heavy smoker the wood its built from is now treated like a rail road tie.

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