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SMF Recipe Collection - Update for June

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Attached are the SMF Recipe Collection files for June. One is in Microsoft Word format and one is in PDF format.

Please note the following:

  • The June recipe collection has 317 recipes (added 20 recipes since last month).
  • Per a request by Jeff, I have included the screen name and the link to the actual post for most of the recipes included in this collection (there were a few that I couldn't find the actual post for).
  • Going forward, I'll be contacting the actual posters before posting their recipes in this collection.
  • The collection is currently available in MS Word format and in PDF format for those who don't use MS applications.
    • In the Word version the table of contents has the usual Word functionality (Windows). If you press the Ctrl key on your keyboard while clicking on the recipe you're interested in, it will take you to that recipe
    • In the PDF version you simply click on the link in the table of contents and it will take you to that recipe.
  • The format is ideal for printing but can be used just as easily from your desktop.
  • Inclusion in this collection is entirely voluntary, if you don't want your recipes listed in this document, IM me and I'll be sure to exclude you from the collection.
  • Feel free to contact e via IM if you have any questions or suggestions.


Have fun!


SMFRecipeCollection-June.docx 2,834k .docx file

SMFRecipeCollection-June.pdf 4,256k .pdf file

Edited by Jeffinn - 6/26/16 at 12:07pm
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Thank You! I like the format...JJ :points:

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Excellent! Nice work.
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Jeffinn, evening...  I'm very glad you got the Bosses OK for this venture....  It came out AWESOME and folks will use and enjoy it....   KUDO'S !!!

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Good format and thanks for all the effort in bringing them together Thumbs Up.

For those who do not have access to Word you may also want to export it from Word as a PDF. I have given it a try and it seems to keep the links OK


SMFRecipeCollection-April.pdf 2,722k .pdf file

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Just had a quick look! Amazing amount of work and detail gone into this. Like the way it looks and easy to use. Points for dedication from me!
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That looks great I don't have MS Word 




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Looks like a lot of work to me..

I love it.



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Very impressive. Points for sure. Great work. I love it. 

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Excellent... thanks for taking the time and putting all this info in one spot.... icon14.gif
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Awesome Jeff!


Thank you for doing this for all of us!





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Awesome I saved the PDF in iBooks on my phone...
Thank You
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The title says April that means there is one for may as well? If so will it be different recipes or just same file with things added and what date will it be out ?? Awesome idea by the way so many  amazing recipes 

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Yeah, I may get the May version up there in a day or two.
I'll just be adding recipes to this collection as time allows. Alot of recipes dont get put in because the people who posted them are no longer active here and haven't answered their request to use their recipe(s).
So I'll probably only be adding 20-30 recipes per month.
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Jeff... even if you only post one a month it's greatly appreciated.. We all know how life gets in the way of doing things we like to do....
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Originally Posted by tropics View Post

That looks great I don't have MS Word 




Try using Open Office.  It's free and will do every basic function that Word will do.  The file types are compatible as well.

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Super cool job!  Thanks for all the work!

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Thanks for doing this!  Your work is greatly appreciated.

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Amazing job...thank you sir...
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Top notch!

This is going to be super handy for me as I am a disaster when it comes to using the search


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