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Bacon math help!

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Have a 3.125kg 3125 gram belly skin off.

Would like to dry rub.
How much cure #1
Sugar , brown ?

If anyone can convert the cure to teaspoons or what not that would be great. My scale has not arrived yet and this thing needs to be cured !
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For that amount of belly, use the following...JJ


Ingredient Calculator...

Gram to Teaspoon Conversion...


1 1/4 tsp Cure #1 (120ppm)

4 Tablespoons Salt (a little over 2%)

2 Tablespoons Brown sugar (a little shy of 1%)

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Thanks for the reply , I ended up going with pops wet brine. Seemed to be less difficult to screw up. Tried deleting this thread but couldn't figure it out.
Will start a new one of my first belly
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That's ok. Pops brine works great...JJ

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