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Howdy, from the Badger State

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Hey guys,
My name is Tyler. Born and raised in the dairy state, the real one!
I've been smoking meat for about a year now (mostly ribs) and I know there is still a ton I have to learn! It is for that reason I joined the forum! I read some post for about 10 minutes last night and learned more than I thought there was to know! You guys are great! Can't wait to take it all in!
Finally starting to warm up here in southeast Wisconsin so I'm going to attempt my first pulled pork shoulder tomorrow! I'll post pics! Wish me luck!
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Welcome to SMF, Tyler!


Glad to have you with us!


Looking forward to seeing your PP!


Good luck!



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Thank you! Quick question, when I go to post pics should I just go to the pork section and start a new thread, or add it to a related thread that is already active? I know other forums I've posted on like to keep the threads limited, don't want to piss anyone off!
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:welcome1:  Glad to have you on board as you can see a  lot of info on here and a great bunch of guys and gals. Start a new thread take a look at how some of them has been done. Also take the time to read on Home page Initial Greetings it contains a lot of helpful info. Enjoy your first pulled pork.

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