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Lamb prosciutto ,(boneless)

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Used Texel culture on this.

Dry lamb+Texel= bold taste...not for the faint of heart :-)

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Looks tasty!
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Looks delicious!


Love the color!



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Looks really delicious....   Can you tell us more about which culture you used and the process that followed.....



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I used the Texel DCM-1 culture from Evan. It's a whole muscle curing culture - they say it augments the colour, adds flavour complexity and facilitates nitrate-nitrite conversion.

As said above adds an intense level of taste - even in small amounts. Might not be to everyone's liking.

Other than that...just cure#2, salt. One could add lamb friendly spices, I rarely do with dry cured whole muscle...can't taste them in the final product.

The deboned leg (trimmed) was dry cured in the fridge for 10 days, then tied, colagen casing pulled over. It dried for about 5 weeks.
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It appears your weight loss may have been around 35% or so....     I think lamb has an awesome flavor....  I grew up eating it....  I think the flavor explosion you would get from a fermented/dried leg would be waaaaaay over the top and an experience to behold...

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What an incredible colour! NIce.



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My cheeks are just as red from compliments.

Thank you.
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AS, looks great sir !:points:

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