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New guy from EU

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Hi Everybody


My name is Carlos, I split my time between London, UK and the Azores, PT


I just bought me a grill thats ( supposedly ) made in the same chinese factory as the Char Griller 5050, dimensions are the same (even takes the same cover) but does have some interesting bits I likes, the smoker box looks to be better fitter to the grill and overall a little sturdier, will be using it in the Azores for the occasional BBQ and Smoke


I joined because all my experience is mostly with Gas grills, and I wish to learn more on how to cook with coal/wood and smoke :)


Here is the new Grill, in all honestly I still have it in the box and will be setting it up soon



cheers !

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Hi Carlos, Welcome to our "Family" and "Addiction"

Plenty of good folk on here, ask any questions you can think of, and you will get your answers.

Please take time to look at the UK Smokers Forum,

And introduce your self on the UK Roll Call

Been to the Azores, just briefly. Got dropped of from a ship around 02.00am in the morning, 1 mile out to sea, raining and cold!

We have had our 2nd UK Smokes weekend, where members attend and cooked over the weekend, dates and plans are already in place for 2016. Please use the link below to view the website.

Smokin Monkey 🇬🇧
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Hello Carlos and welcome to this great site.

You will find many folks on here that know a whole lot about

wood and charcoal.

If they don't stop by here soon, jump right out into the forums 

and ask.

You will get answers.

Have a good time.



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:welcome1:  Glad you joined us!



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Welcome Carlos.

I hope you will share some authentic Portuguese recipes with us.
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Thanks everybody 


The first how-to I am looking for is how (when) to use the coal pan risers, I see this unit allows you to raise or lower the pan with the coals so they are closer or further down from what you are cooking, looking for somewhere I can learn how to use it efficiently ... yes, i'm that green with coal and smoke !

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Welcome to SMF!


Glad to have you aboard!



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