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Pancetta not curing?

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Hello, I've just taken my third pork belly out of the fridge after 10 days of dry curing, rinsed it and rolled/tied it for hanging. The last two seemed to firm up nicely, but this time parts are firm but the meat still seems to have a squishy texture and the fat is a bit sticky... And was easy to roll. Should I just hang it anyway or maybe put more salt on it and back in the fridge for a while?
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What % of salt did you add to the first rubbing....   what all did you add to the first rubbing....

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I used 1oz per 25lbs of prague powder (as per the package instructions) and then followed the quantities for everything else listed in the recipe from the chacuterie book. It's the exact same as what I've done before.

The pancetta seemed to turn out fine except for this yellowish spot. Should I throw out the whole lot of it? Or can i just use the rest after I cut this piece off? It all smells fine.
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I'd toss it...   I have no idea what that mold or whatever it is could do to you...   It ain't worth it.... 

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