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Corned Beef, Live cook

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Been wanting to do a brisket for a while but didn't feel my skills were ready for a $70 piece of meat yet. Decided to try a packaged corned beef roughly following Jeff's Pastrami (Corned Beef Brisket) instructions. This is first cook on a new UDS and first actual cook with the Flame Boss 200. You can see it in real time here

Photo, just on around 1:30, sprinkled with fresh ground black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika and sugar in the raw.

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DM, Keep us posted!

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Hi CM,

IT 187 right now. I know most here would have pulled a while back but Jeff says " 190-195" and my wife and I both prefer meat a little more done than most. At this point I'm pleased with the UDS and blower. Allowed me to monitor while working in my shop today.

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Pleased with the result! Sandwiches as Jeff instructed, Tasty!

I'll get rid of the fat before cooking next time. Lost too much of the bark to waste. You can see the shrinkage on the grill.



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Looking good! 

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It was good, and enough put away for a genuine hash & eggs meal in near future. And maybe some other creation.

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Looks delicious!



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Thanks Al,

Made up the "corned beef hash and eggs" last night, super meal. First time ever having it other than from a can. Now I'm ruined for the canned stuff.

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