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New Member D.C.

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Been smoking fairly steady for the last 18 months.  Started with a masterbuilt gasser which I have promptly run into the ground, I don't believe they were made for the use I got out of it!  Got a Backwoods party on the way (can't wait!).


Live outside of Washington, D.C.  Not alotta bbq heads here to say the least.  


I've gotten fairly decent at making a solid pulled pork, also love smoking sausages.  Ribs occasionally, as well as chicken.  I also got into curing hams and bacon a few months ago with pretty decent success.  I haven't dabbled in beef too much yet, the price often scares me off but I am always looking for deals.  I haven't done any competitions and not sure if I will anytime soon, pretty satisfied grilling and smokin in my backyard for myself and my friends!


I am excited to bounce ideas around here and have others to help me understand when I fail.  I am fairly new to this whole smoker game and decided it is time to get with like minded people who all have a similar interest!

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Welcome to SMF!


Glad to have you aboard!



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Hey SF,welcome to the greatest smoking 

site on the internet.



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