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Another Shot Burger Thread

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Finally got around to trying these tonight. My wife came across a big sale on ground beef, so we invited the kids over for dinner.


Start with tennis ball sized meatballs.


Add a shot glass.


A wrap of my own peppered bacon.


Remove the glass.


And you have a pic of a bunch of empty burger shots. This is where I put down the phone and started filling, forgetting to take another pic. Most were filled with cooked breakfast sausage and grilled onions. A few others held chili, and the rest went with pepperoni and pizza sauce.


At the half hour mark. I topped them with some cheese that I had smoked previously. Grilled indirect at 300°.


Done at 1 hour. The cheese held to some better than others.


And plated. They were a big hit!

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Looks like a tasty meal!

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Those look delicious!


Points to you!



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Oh I am so glad I ate breakfast.Going to have to satisfy my hunger for a burger tonight. Meat Balls LOL  Points


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Oh man! Those looks incredible!  How have I not tried this yet?  Points for sure!

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I did them once, now I've got to do them again.

Great looking burgers.



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Beautiful burgers, Bro!



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Mmm...those look delicous!  Gonna have to do some of those myself...points!



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Good looking stuff...what a great idea!

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Looks delicious!

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Dang it man them sure look good


Nice job 



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Looks great!  Made my list of things to make this week, thank you! 

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