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New to Smoking, Need some Help!!

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I got myself a Master built gas smoker prepped it with door seal & Lava rocks. Haven't been able to figure out proper temperature setting yet. Few newbie questions:-


1) How far off is Inbuilt temp gauge ?

2) First time I did Baby back ribs they were done in less than three hours (seems like my temp setting was too high??)

3) Today just when I thought I found setting to keep temp at 300 (assuming that it'll be off by at least 25%) & left it for couple of hours the ribs turned out burnt.


Note: I did buy a Charboil multi sensor thermometer upon testing I found out that it's giving me wrong readings. Hence I did not use it for

        my last try.


Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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You need a good therm to monitor your smoker temps. 300 is way too hot to smoke ribs. 225 is where you want to be.


Here is a good rib recipe to follow.


Good luck with the next rack!



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Hi, the best thing for you to do right now would

be to go to the search bar and type in thermometers.

Read a few of those posts, lots of great info there.

But either way a good therm is a must have item.

Use a good therm, follow that recipe that Al gave you

your ribs will be great next time.




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Thanks for your replies.


I'll be getting Maverick ET- 733 before my next cookout. And will let you know how it turns out.

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I smoke Baby loin back ribs at 250-275* for about 3-31/2 hours and usually get a good bend. If the bend is good, I sauce/glaze the racks twice for about 15 minutes each time. The temp will drop while saucing the ribs and won't get too high before the next sauce time. All the friends and family really like my ribs. Just my $0.02, give them a try.
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