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Hello All!

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My name is Tom and I hail from the great state of Idaho! I've done quite a bit of catering and things seem to be picking up a bit so I decided that my cooking methods should as well. I have been smoking / grilling on a Traeger for years and it has treated me well. This spring I intend on starting a project that I am in hopes I can get some help with the design / build from you guys! 

I have a 500 gallon propane tank which I have popped the valves off a couple months ago and recently filled with water. Next step is refining the design. I want it to be a reverse flow smoker. I was thinking about insulating the firebox. Any recommendations? What size should the firebox be? How high off the bottom should I put the smoke / heat baffle? Should the baffle slope any particular direction? What guage of expanded metal should be utilized for the racks? Any other help would be wonderful!!!



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Hello and welcome Tom, I can't help you with your 

questions on the smoker.

I'm thinking that you would be better off going out into the

forums and into smoker builds.

I'd put in a link but don't know how yet.

Just stopped to say hello and good smoking with 

your build.



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Welcome to SMF, Tom!


Glad to have you aboard!


Post your questions here & you will get more responses.



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