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Hello from Minnesota!

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I'm not sure how many women there are on here. I bought my husband an upright smoker a few years ago but I ended up using it. I scrapped that last year and I just bought a Camp Chef pellet smoker. It's like night and day. I love it!

I didn't like my upright smoker (variable temps, messy, only small meats could be used, etc.) so I didn't use it much and never remembered the nuances of each type of meat. I'm looking forward to using this pellet smoker MUCH more (twice already since I got it 2 weeks ago) and look forward to chatting with you all as time goes on.

FTR I have always used my own rubs and mops. Sometimes I just use salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic and it comes out fantastic. More is not always better!



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Hello and welcome to you Molly, I think as you get more and more

used to that new smoker, you're gonna love it more.

So you make your own rubs and things, so do most of us on here.

But sometimes folks think of thing others don't, always good to 

have lots of ideas to pull from.



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:welcome1: to SMF!


Glad to have you with us, Molly!



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