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Smoke rollin in.

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I introduced myself on the roll call page a couple weeks ago. I posted some pictures of the smoker I am building. I have never Smoked/bbq'd meat. (I grill all the time) I figured if I wanted to enjoy brisket, I'd better build a smoker.  All the parts and pieces I've picked up from scrapyards and junk piles to make this smoker. The 80 gal propane tank was the first find. I work at an Automotive wrecking yard. An ex coworker of mine bought it many years ago and left it in the holding yard, I tracked him down and picked it up for next to nothing. The exception to my junk yard purchases are the pneumatic tires. The project so far is a little more than 3 weeks old. Hope you enjoy the photos.




80 Gallon propane tank

cut 2 feet off the end

reattached the domed cap


built legs, I thought I wanted it taller...I'm a tall guy, but after I got it on all 4's it was awkward.

I shortened the legs then moved them out another 4", Marked the CC opening


Fabbed up a CC seal

I'm using the the section of tank I cut out as my fire box

Cut my football shape and slid the firebox in to position

I'll add more photos as it progresses.

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Very nice so far!



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Was able to do a little this weekend. We had an amazing start to April with a couple of 65+degree days. This should have translated into me working on my smoker, but it also meant outdoor Honey do's to tackle. Here is an update on the smoker.


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Mike, Working in a salvage yard you have access to the springs i use to hold up heavy doors on the smokers I build, they are from 2000 Chevy pickups,and scissor closed on themselves up into the top of the CC,and don't interfere with the cooking grates, the heat dosen't affect the temper,so they don't lose tension over time,I use them in high temp grills as well as smokers. I'm building a gas unit for a friend right now with a door cut that weighs over 125 lbs,so i doubled them up with a spacer between them,and they hold the door in any position from one inch open to  full open, perfect balance that a 5 year old can open and close with no chance of a heavy door slaming down. pigblasted.jpg 427k .jpg file  

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That is Awesome. I though about doing something similar. I was going to use a deck lid prop so at full open it held itself. Here is what I got done tonight.
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If I can download this pic it should be a closeup of the springs,you should only need 2 for your door to hold it in any position. IMG_20160329_155134.jpg 523k .jpg file Sorry for the large size I Could not get the resized one to download.


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Got a little more done on the BBQ.
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Reusing some tags from the propane tank

I got quite a bit taken care of today. I just need a couple of handles, an air opening in the fire box, and I can fire it up for its first heat up. I can see the finish line!
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Looks great Mike !!! Talk about a quick build time !!



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Looking great nice to have welding skills like the spring suggestion given to you.

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I repurposed an old lever, machined a stud and riveted the stud to the handle and made a fire box latch.


Temp gauge installed


First fire! I seasoned the cooking grate, and let it burn! I played with opening/closing the fire box, and dampening the exhaust to see what it did to the temp. (having never BBQ'd) I think I'll try cooking some pork spare ribs tomorrow (they've been in the freezer for a while now. No loss if it is a total loss). After that, I'll build the cook chamber lid handle, install another counter surface on the opposite end of BBQ, and send it over to get sand blasted. Paint and enjoy!

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Tuning plates can be installed to even out the heat across the smoker if you feel it would be advantageous.....



....click on pics to enlarge.....

.. .... ..


Upper and lower air inlets may help you regulate temps in the smoker also......


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Half way done

Smoke ring with a nice white center

I broke in the smoker today. 4 hour cook on the spare ribs. Used a black pepper, salt, garlic salt, and chilli powder rub. They were great! I'll add a few items to the smoker finish it off!
Great build and perfect results! I recommend the draft calculator this forum offers! Helped a bunch!
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Nice looking ribs!  Great how your smoker all came together so quickly!

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I added another shelf. The shelf doubles as a handle to tote the beast around.
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Tonight I added a fire box air inlet. Next is a handle then a cap for the chimney.
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Almost there! Looking good!
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Built a handle for the cook chamber lid. Just have finish the chimney cap and she is off to get a coat of paint.
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Finished up the chimney cap. Now ready to get cleaned up for paint.
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Looking good!
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