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Another first bacon try

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Hi guys, i was finally able to get my hands on some pork belly. It's about 5 lbs & I'm going to cut it in three to try a few different flavors. I'm gonna use pops brine with Craig's method " bacon the easy way " I don't have a 5 gallon bucket or the room, what I do have is a large bus tray with lid & im hoping the will work for the brine? I've never tried belly bacon yet so I'm gonna leave the skin on two pieces to see which way I like it? Im gonna do one with CBP, one with Maple Syrup & one with garlic/onion. Hoping for any advise in case I'm doing something wrong?

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Instead of using a bucket for the brine, just use a 2 1/2 gallon zip lock bag. I zip them up getting all the air out, then twist the top & tie it so there is no chance of leaking





Also here is a great video on how to skin a belly.


Hope this helps!



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Thanks for the heads up Al, I alway forget about those ziplock bags being so big. After cutting the belly in three it fit perfectly in a large stock pot l, similar to yours in the pick, with a gallon of water & the cure. So I just used that.
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Wow now I'm wondering, is there any reaction when curing in a adonized stock pot?
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Did you put it in a zip lock bag first?


If not I think it needs to be in a non-reactive container.


Walmart has those 2 1/2 gallon bags.



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