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Our backyard smoker/bbq/bar

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Hello all, this is my first post, Jeff from Tampa area, and have learned through the years from this site, ( temperature of cooks, fuel, grill building, etc ), and we are just about done with our backyard area, and if i can figure out how to post a pic or 2, I will show you...





It's a reverse flow smoker a guy built for me and delivered from Jacksonville area, and a charcoal grill we use to grille some steaks, wings, and finish my smoked chicken on ... 

We still have to put in like 3 yards of gravel, and put in some electricity , etc, etc 


I actually started on this last June, but had to stop and put a new roof on the home .. was going to build pavilion from wood, but found a company  that would build it to dimensions i wanted ...  

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Welcome to SMF!


That's a great setup you have there!



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2thumbs.gif Very nice!

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Originally Posted by JP61 View Post

2thumbs.gif Very nice!

thanks, we still have some work to do

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Pretty much all done ... 3 yards of gravel, put in electric and water, lights, etc

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:welcome1:  That's a nice set up, Looks good, Now we need some Q-view :biggrin:

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Jeff.. nice looking place to hang out ... I'll have to stop by and have a beer and a rib and see it in color... biggrin.gif
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Looks great!
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