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still gathering parts, and learning about smoker building. I got a good start. still have to sand down the tank, (had a sand blaster lined up but it had issues when I got there) then I can start piecing it together. I found a great local guy that gave me most of the steel and even cut out my vent and bent my fire box for me.


the baffle plate is 10 gauge, a bit thicker than 1/8th inch, the box is 1/8th inch steel, so I will brace it up a bit. thicker might have been better, but this was free.


The FB will be 10x10 inches


Got some thick walled chrome exhaust pipe for the chimney


Got some mirror finish stainless I had laying around I want to use to line the smoker door with.


I even ordered some pyroceram fire glass (5x5 inches) to put in a small window in the FB.


my buddy bent the baffle using two bends so the grease will flow to the center at the low end and I will rig up some kind of catch can under it.


I got some small barrel/pin hinges with the grease zerts in the end as well for the smoker door.


I am wanting something small enough I can load it and take camping if I want to .


I have thick aluminum square tubing laying around, so I may do aluminum legs to cut down on the weight.


any hints, suggestions, snide remarks?