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Maverick probes

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Are there any probes that won't screw up while running a water pan. Even ordered water proof probes still seem to be of when water pan is boiling.
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There are but not from Maverick. You would have to look at professional/industrial precision thermometers. Some guys have had success with covering the junction with Shrink Tubing...JJ

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Just agrivating think your at *250 go look at the tru tells and your *300
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I ALWAYS run my smoker with water in the pan & don't seem to have any problems with the Mav's. 
I have tel-tru therms as well & they both seem to be about the same.



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I don't know. I'm on my second set.
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I'm on my second set.  I ruined my first set by tugging them out of meat by the cable.  I think the sealant/adhesive gets soft and allows the cable to pull out of the shell.  My second set is working/lasting a lot better.



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I just bought a new Mav to replace the one I have had for around 8 years.  One of the probes is off by 30*.  It has a 90 day warranty.. still waiting on Mav to get back with me.  Sent them an email two days ago.  

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