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what to use for a chimney pipe

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I just bought a Oklahoma Joe Highland and am intent on converting it to reverse flow.  But I need a new chimney pipe.  I don't plan to take out the old one.  Three inch muffler tubes seem to be just right but they are galvanized.


Welded pipe is too expensive.


Any suggestions on what I could use for a chimney pipe.



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Try finding a scrap yard that has a pick pile and see if you can find some pipe. I get lots of great stuff from the one I go to. Sadly (and I understand why) not many of the scrap yards have a pile you can pick through.
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from the pics of the Oklahoma Joe Highland the pipe is on the opposite side from the fire box, if you want the benefit of the reverse flow you need to have a pipe on the other end (near the fire box), so the smoke will travel over the food, other wise it will simply go under the food and the plate you put in and right out the chimney and never get near the food. find some pics or videos of how a reverse flow works if this doesnt make sense. other wise you are wasting your time.

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I plan to block off the original pipe.


I if got the muffler pipe and build myself a decent wood fire in the yard then threw the pipe in to burn off the galvanizing would that be safe ??

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You can etch off the galvanize with muriatic acid.  I have done this to avoid welding the galvanizing.  I can't be positive that it will get it out of the pores of the metal surface, though.  Don't breathe the fumes.  Do it outdoors.

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Well what I found out was that the pipe was aluminized steel.


Anyway I built a roaring wood fire that got the metal to the dull red glowing stage.


After finishing there was some rust evident but still some coating remained.


I went on and welded her into the far side of the grill.


cooked a roast on it this weekend.  did fairly well.


If anyone is interested I will post pics.  It isn't pretty but I don't mind that.

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