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need to know

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Good afternoon folks, pork loins seem to be reasonable around 

here lately.

So can I take a loin grind it and use it for breakfast sausage without 

adding any other fat or will it be to dry?

Thanks for the help.


Keep on smokin'                               Ed

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I'm not a sausage guru, but I would think it would be dry.


I'm sure others will be along with their opinions.



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Loin is what I use for sausage. It will be a bit dry without adding more fat. If you don't have a seasoning recipe , I recommend Pop's. It makes great breakfast patties.

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GJ, I use loin quite a bit for sausage, Grind all the fat that comes with it and yes its a bit lean but quite tasty . Just don't over cook it! You can always ask the butcher for a bit of fat back to add to the loin but it will make good sausage by it lonesome self.

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Hi again gentlemen, I would like to thank you Al and Lamar [ I will be using Pop's recipe ]

and also to you CM.

I thank you all very much.

I'm going to give it a go and we shall see.

I will let you know how it turns out.


Keep on smokin'                         Ed 

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Interested on how your sausage turns out with loin, I always use pork butt & would like to try to lean it out a little. Hope you post your results.
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I certainly will, thanks for coming by and looking.


Keep on smokin'                               Ed

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