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Smoking Quail

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Has anyone ever smoked quail before?  i was given 20 quail from a friend and i am wanting to smoke them.  I need some advice please.




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Yep. Are they whole or breasted out? Either way you can smoke them just like you would chicken. We have done them on the rotisserie. Use a mild wood like apple, cherry, or alder. They don't take long so watch them. You want to finish to an internal temp of 165.
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Post up some pictures if you get a chance Jim.    :popcorn

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Here is some info and pics on
Smoking bob whites . We have them every week or so - I use them to train bird dogs and hunt them on a local ranch . They are certainly a southern tradition but smoked a real treat . You can use whole bird or just breast. Whole birds gives you a couple of small legs which after picking can be given to your favorite bird dog for a snack . Great around the holidays for pre dinner aps. We like them brined then smoked slowly with apple or alder then served sliced and cold with a sweet hot mustard sauce . They have a delicate flavor and dont take to heavy brines or rich sauces . Like all game birds wild or raised they do not taste like "Chicken" !! They taste like quail - a delicacy fit for a king .
Quail have their own time to doness and overcooked they are tough and not very good . Yoy can serve them but don't invite me for dinner. Lol.
Brine for 8-10 birds I use 1/2 c. apple juice real stuff - 1c. water - 1/4 c. salt - 1/4 c Brown Sugar . Adjust to taste .
Overnight in cooler or fridge
Remove rinse and set to dry off while starting smoker 200 on a dig. mes ..
Place on middle rack - add wood source and check in 1.5 hours ... I use the pucks from bradley in my MES they hold together and burn uniform.
Golden brown should be ready . ..

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Thanks for the "blow by blow" and the pictures.  The birds look great.  Thumbs Up

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